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TechnologyMarrying Politics with Technology

Whether your business needs a website or you're a political candidate looking for a technically-savvy campaign consultant, PagePartners has the experience you need.

With more than 30 years in the computer and Internet industries and nearly a decade in the political arena, we use the lastest technologies to solve business problems and help political candidates wage winning campaigns.

For businesses, we offer web-presence web sites and custom database-driven web applications that can solve business communication bottlenecks and other expensive inefficiencies.

For political candidates, we provide websites, targeted voter data, precinct walk lists, precinct walk maps, phone banking lists, social media presence, campaign materials, email blasts and more.

Our voter data is updated every thirty days to ensure accuracy and up-to-date in election participation history. Data requests can be targeted to any demographic for specific messaging and targeting. Having accurate data at your disposal ensures saving money on expensive mail campaigns.

PagePartners uses Microsoft's ASP.NET platform in tandem with its powerful and lightening-fast SQL Server database. We offer reliable, 99% uptime hosting through the scalable Rackspace cloud with 24/7 support and automated backups of both website and database files.

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